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What’s your connection type?

Use this model to identify your unique connection type. Discover what it’s like to work with you, love you, or be on your team.


What’s your connection type?

How does the model work?

What’s it like to talk to you, work with you or love you? How do you lead others? How do you respond to conflict or vulnerability?

The Walker Connection Model identifies your connection & leadership style in relationships and groups. It gives you insight into the typical role you play in relationships and teams, with its strengths and challenges. It is based on your preference for connection and can be used for different situations and contexts i.e. family, work and play.

Once you complete the assessment, you will receive a detailed profile report on your connection style.

The 17 connection types


You light up a room and people are drawn to your warmth. Your challenge is to model inclusion and not leave anyone in the shadows.


You are a star. People marvel at your light. Your challenge is to be as interested in others as they are in you.


You are human sunlight, with great potential to inspire others. Like the sun, you can either light up or burn. Your challenge is to overcome the intensity and power of your mind; to convert your intensity into light for others.


You have a gift for seeing the highest potential in other people, and for drawing it out. You light up the lives of those around you. Your challenge is to craft a vision for your own life at the same time as you support the vision of others.


You are magnetic and alluring. Your connection is like lapping waves on the ocean shore. Your challenge is to maintain your sense of who you are rather than just being what other people want you to be.


You are a born nurturer. Your connection is like a therapeutic ocean swim. Your challenge is developing boundaries around empathy- you can nurture without being enmeshed.


You are a guide and wayshower. You offer a powerful connection like the depths of the ocean. Your challenge is to maintain courage and perspective in the depths of emotional intensity.


You are resilient and able to thrive in the depths. You are part of a brightly colourful ecosystem and much of your rich connection is below the surface. Your challenge is to maintain your thriving ecosystem below the surface and human connection at the same time.


You are a strategic connector. You like to understand others before jumping into connection. Your challenge is meeting others in the middle and to take risks in connection (to build trust in a conversation or in a relationship).


You are a perceptive observer. You are enigmatic and keep people guessing. Your challenge is to share who you are with someone else. In a constant state of reserve, you might miss out on the richness of human connection.


You are independent and self-sufficient, with much of your connection below the surface. No doubt you find that non-human connections (for example, animals, nature, technology or music) meet many of your emotional needs. Your challenge is communicating with others and relating with others on their terms.


You are the original ‘down-to-earth’ connector. You make anyone feel comfortable in your presence. People can be themselves with you. Your challenge is to take the time to reflect on your past and to develop a vision for your future.

Meeting place

You are usually the backbone of any group you are in. You know how to bring people together. Connecting with you is like sand running through the fingers. You have a positive communication style and often use humour to connect. Your challenge is to convert your popularity and agreeableness into leadership. People will go where you take them.


You get things done. You are an activator. You are practical. Your challenge is having the courage to trust your feelings and go your own way. You can be independent and loved at the same time.


You are solid as a rock- trustworthy and reliable. You are tough and impenetrable. Your challenge is to avoid being stuck and stubborn in your connection and communication style with others.


You are a beacon for others; a bridge between the earth and the sky. You often naturally assume leadership positions in groups as you are able to convert the perspective of sunlight into practical ‘down-to-earth’ strategies. Your challenge is to develop flexibility- your immovable ‘mountain’ nature can be both your strength and your great lesson. You need to trust that others can carve out their own path.


You are a universal human connector. You have the ability to adapt your connection to the person/group you are with. While this is an asset, your challenge is having a strong sense of who you are and honouring your emotional needs rather than always adapting yourself to the situation.

Understand how you connect with others